Spike in crimes against SC/ST continues in 2019, official data shows

~ by Trinanjan Chakraborty

National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)’s ‘Crime in India 2019’ report shows an alarming increase in crimes recorded against Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) in 2019. During the year, 45, 935 cases of crime against SCs were registered across the country – up 7.3% from the previous year. In the same period, 8257 crimes against STs was recorded – a jump of 26.5% as compared to 2018. The trend reaffirms the steady increase in crimes against the SC/ST communities in recent years.

Crimes against SC/ST – 2019 vs 2015

With 11, 829 cases, Uttar Pradesh was no. 1 among the states regarding crimes against SCs – representing almost 26% of the country-wide total. It was followed by Rajasthan (6794) and Bihar (6544). ~8% of total crimes against SCs were in the nature of rapes – 3486 cases, an increase of 7.6% over 2018. Among the states, Rajasthan was on top with 554 cases of rape against SC women, followed by Uttar Pradesh (537) and Madhya Pradesh (510).

With respect to crimes against STs, highest no. of such cases were recorded in Madhya Pradesh at 1922, followed by Rajasthan (1797) and Odisha (576). Together, Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan accounted for 45% of all crimes against STs in 2019. Madhya Pradesh also led in terms of recorded rape cases of ST women with 358 such registered cases. It was followed by Chhattisgarh (180) and Maharashtra (114). 24.1% of all crimes against STs pertained to rape (1110 cases) or assault on women with the intent to outrage modesty (880 cases). 

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