Status Report on spread of Corona Virus in India till 4th April

There are over 12 lakh cases in the world overall in Corona till now. It has been regarded as one of the biggest pandemic event in the world history. Here is a status report on India.

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Till now 30 states in India has been impacted by this deadly disease. The number of new cases per week has seen a constant jump. The rise in the week ending on 4th April has been the steepest. IPD divides India into different risk group based on the spread of the virus. Here is the summary of the groups.

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Below is the summary of how the different segments have shown the prevalence of this deadly disease.

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The very severe risk group has a average of 522 cases per state and has 3 states falling in this group. Mumbai, the financial capital of India and Delhi, the national capital of the country falls in this group.

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There has been a increase of 2642 new cases in the week ending 4th April, 2020. Out of which over 48% is attributed to the very severe group. The share on the new cases has been higher in the higher risk group. So there is evidence of hot spots being formed and we are getting more cases from the hot spots.

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There has been a 257% growth in the total number of cases in the week ending on 4th April, 2020. The growth during the same period for the very severe group has been as high as 465%. All the other groups has a lower growth than the national growth rate. The focus now should be to contain the growth rate of the very severe risk group and ensure that there is not much cases in the other risk groups. India has gone into a nationwide lockdown since 25th March. It has been said by many experts that corona virus takes almost 14 days to get manifested. As in if one gets in contact with the virus today, then in the next 14 days there is a likelihood of the person to get the disease. 14 days from 25th March is on 8th April. IPD sincerely hopes that the effect of lockdown is seen and the growing number of cases show a decline from 8th April onwards.

Here is a state wise summary on the total number of cases.

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