Status report on spread of Corona Virus: India

Corona virus has become pandemic in the entire world. There are over 6 lac people affected in the entire world due to this virus till now. Here is a status on how this has spread in India.


There is a 215% increase in the number of new cases of Covid 19 in the week of 22nd to 28th March. Entire country can be divided into 6 risk zones based on the spread of this disease. The 6th risk zone has no cases till now.

Source: *Ladakh and J&K are considered as one identity

One important thing to note is that the risk groups with already higher number of cases are witnessing higher growth rates also. The share of the risk groups in the total number of new cases this week has been showing a clear pattern with highest risk groups getting higher number of cases and so on.


Severely High Risk

Maharashtra and Kerala are seeing the highest number of cases in the country and this risk group has seen around 217% increase in the number of cases this week.

Very High Risk

Source: covid19indiä.org

The states in this group stand exactly were the states in the severely high risk group was last week and hence there is a huge risk of some of this states like Karnataka moving into the severely high risk group. Karnataka had a 326% increase in the number of cases this week.

High Risk

Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh, who were in the medium risk bucket till last week, has seen a whopping 600% and 875% increase in the number of cases this week respectively and has moved in the high risk group.

Medium Risk


Bihar and Andaman & Nicobar Islands which had no cases till last week, has seen a significant number of cases this week and moves straight into the medium risk group.

Low Medium Risk


North Eastern states of India had not seen any cases of covid till last week. Manipur and Mizoram saw 1 cases each this week.

Top Districts


Twelve districts have 20 or more cases of Covid till now. Kasargod in Kerala and Mumbai in Maharashtra are the most affected districts.

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