Socio Economic Indicators for Jammu and Kashmir

With the removal of Article 370, there has been a lot of debate on how Jammu & Kashmir has fared in different socio economic indicators vis a vis the All India average.

Source: Annual PLFS report 2017-18

In terms of education, the state of Jammu and Kashmir has fared better than the national average numbers both in terms of literacy rate and also in terms of proportion of people above secondary and higher level of education.

Source: Annual PLFS Report, 2017-18

In terms of unemployment rate, we focus into the 15-29 age group and 15 and above age group separately. In terms of both the measures, the male unemployment rate of J&K has been lower than the national average. But reverse is the case with female.

Source: Healthy State Progressive India, NITI Aayog

In terms of all the health indicaors Jammu and Kashmir has fared better than the national average. This is also reflected in terms of the overall health index computed by NITI Aayog. J&K ranks 7 out of the 21 major states in India and overall ranks 8th among all states and union territories of India.

In terms of per capita GDP numbers, J&K ranks 15th among the major states of India as per as the GDP numbers, 2016-17. The per capita income of J&K is higher than that of larger states like West Bengal , Uttar Pradesh and so on.

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