COVID-19 situation in india: a review as of 18th May 2021

– by Trinanjan Chakraborty

The COVID-19 second wave in the country seems to be in the early stage of tapering off. For the last 5 days i.e. from 13th May to 17th May, the daily recoveries have been more than daily new infections. The gap between new recoveries and new infections which was 1671 on 13th May has gone up to 1, 59, 370 on 17th May. On 16th May, daily new infections went below 3 lakh for the first time since 20th April.

India Case Positivity Ratio – last 10 days

The case positivity ratio i.e. proportion of positive tests stood at 14.1% on 17th May as compared to 21.6% on 8th May.

In terms of active cases, the top 10 states are as below:

Top 10 states in terms of active COVID-19 cases as on 18th May

In an encouraging sign, some of the states which had it very bad in April are showing a drop in case positivity ratio. This includes Delhi, Maharashtra as well as large states like MP and UP.

Case Positivity Ratio (last 10 days): select states

However, in what is a cause of concern, several large states still continue to have positivity ratio at high levels:

Case Positivity Ratio (last 10 days): select states

Of these, Karnataka registered a CPR of ~40% yesterday while Rajasthan and West Bengal were also 30%+.

Also, some of India’s smaller states also showing a similar high trend of in terms of positivity:

Case Positivity Ratio (last 10 days): select states

Most worrisome among these is Goa where the positivity continues to be among the highest in the country. Further, with the little state getting battered by the monster cyclone Tauktae over the preceding 2-3 days, it is going to have it extremely difficult in the coming days.

Note: all data used for this article is sourced from

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