Rise of Indian Billionaires

Sujoy Ghosh Despite the devastation caused by COVID-19 in 2020, India has seen a big increase in the wealth of some rich persons. The speed of wealth creation is nothing short of staggering. Five fastest growing billionaires’ added more than $56 billion of net worth in a single year 2020. Fewer billionaires also saw their

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Impact of Pandemic on Working Women: Indian Scenario

Dhritisree Introduction The impact of Covid-19 extends well beyond the death and disease caused by the virus itself. Unemployment and job loss is one of the most severe immediate impacts of Covid-19 crisis around the world. According to International Labour Organisation (ILO), there were almost 400 million full-time job losses in the second quarter of

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The COVID-19 pandemic in India, now in a second wave, is witnessing a very aggressive and sharp spike once again, a little over a year after the pandemic’s first wave raged across the nation. Yesterday, 4th April, India registered 1, 03, 794 new COVID infections (as per covid19india.org). This is the highest number of new

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