Uttar Pradesh Elections: A perspective

Anindya Sengupta One of the most talked about topic in Indian political circle is the Uttar Pradesh elections. The most populous state of India is going through its assembly elections. The first two phases of elections are already over. Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of parliamentary seats and holds a huge importance in terms

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Critical Assessment of Budget 2022-23

Anindya Sengupta The budget for financial year (FY) 2022-23 was tabled in the parliament today. In the run up of the budgets IPD has discussed the critical challenges in front of the economy in terms of the growing inequality, rising unemployment and not much significant investments. Let us examine the budget in the light of

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Indian Economy: A Deep Dive on Investments

Anindya Sengupta The budget session of the parliament is going to start in a few days and the budget for FY 22-23 is going to be presented on 1st February, 2022. Let us examine what are the major impending issues faced by the Indian economy and what are the challenges, the budget needs to address.

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